Saving Groundwater Project

Environmentally and wisely use
Groundwater is worth to save and develop
By Siam Groundwater Company

Project Principle

According to the government has a policy “THAILAND 4.0” to promote the industry, agriculture and tourism to increase a potential as to the management of the country necessary to use more Groundwater. In the past a contractor and most user have no knowledge about property and correctly groundwater well and pumping to used which make the groundwater resource damaged. Entrepreneur who use groundwater to supply their business were affected and damaged by salty or sea water, dirty water, contaminated water, very rusty water, high hardness, turbidity lot of sandy sediment, The water is dry not enough to use, pump usually broken, broken well and did not bury , water treatment is expensive, well maintenance cost is high and water supply is expensive.
We are aware responsibility to Groundwater resource. Thus we was initiated groundwater conservation project on 22 December 2000 to promote to use water wisely and to project groundwater resource for sustainable.


1. Promote groundwater develop to use properly.
2. Promote groundwater and pump correctly care. For long life, saved energy and worth the investment.
3. To solve groundwater project problem which contaminated and entrepreneur problem such as industrial estate, industrial park, factory, groundwater system, hotels, resort and other.

Managing groundwater resource

The government (Controller), user groundwater, contractor, should be responsible for groundwater resources. Promote drilling groundwater well and pumping to use properly under the groundwater ACT. Those who damage the groundwater resource, drilling smuggle have to take serious action.


To be a leader cultivation of conscious use groundwater wisely and promote the groundwater drilling use properly. Control the drilling and use properly according groundwater ACT strictly.

Groundwater Company

Must have professional responsibility. Drilling and pumping water to use correctly not damage the groundwater layer and environment protect and maintain the groundwater resource for sustainable use. For the entrepreneur and people use water maximum benefit.

Groundwater User

Must have conscious drill groundwater resources without damaging the environment. Use water as economically as need. Choose qualified contractor who responsibility able drill, well construction. To have good quality water for sustainable use and worth the investment.