About Us

Siam Groundwater Company was establish in 1987 by a group of experts who have groundwater experience in many government organizations. A group of experts range from drilling , investigation, maintaining and water management . Our goals are to develop groundwater system as follow the principally drilling, environmental conservation groundwater usage and sustainable groundwater preservation. To make it beneficial and worthy for groundwater user and country people.

Our experience, we continuously improve our quality and capability. By applying new technology with our method Our services are groundwater investigation, groundwater drilling and groundwater management which property for groundwater reservoir character and water well usage. In addition, our company has been acknowledged by well-known industrial factory, hotel, resort, golf course, gas station and many more. We also got honor prize in drilling groundwater.

  • Best Quality prize
  • Best Company prize
  • Best No1 in Thailand prize



Siam Groundwater Company founded in 1987 by a group of expert who have same goal and have groundwater experience in many government organizations. A group of expert range from drilling, investigation, maintaining and water management experts.

Our Team

Investigation Team

  • Resistivity Meter use
  • Exploring deeper to 300 mete
  • Investigation and interpretation by expert team
  • Groundwater, Mineral Water and Hot Spring Investigation
  • Investigation Team
  • Geologist

Working Devices

  • Geologic Hammer
  • Resistivity Meter
  • Map, Compass, GPS

Drilling Team

  • Training driller staff who got license from Department of Groundwater Resources.
  • We are experience and technical expertise in hard rock area that are difficult to find water
  • Groundwater Well Drilling
  • Drilling Team
  • Geologist

Working Devices

  • Drilling Machine
  • Drilling Bit
  • Air Compressor
  • Craftsman Tool
  • Pipe

Maintenance Team

We are experience and expertise in the maintenance of groundwater wells, submersible pump, pumping test and safety training.

  • Maintaining Groundwater Well
  • Maintenance Team

Working Devices

  • Air Compressor
  • Pump
  • Repairing Tool