Groundwater drilling with high effective of pump installation

Groundwater drilling in accordance with Department of Mineral Resources standard and Groundwater Act

  • Gravel packed well construct in sand and gravel layer. Drilling with drag bit and rock bit by mud circulation system that able to drill in every well size.
  • Cased well construct in rock layer. Drilling with down the hole hammer by high pressure air compressor system that able to drill in every kind of rock.

Choose pump size, effectively installed and specify pumping rate proper with water level and water usage to make it use sufficiently.


  • High quality groundwater well
  • High quality groundwater well
  • Long life span- Worth investment
  • Calculate pumping rate  by expertise to ensure that your project will get sufficient water to operate

We have groundwater drilling expert and skillful drilling staff. In addition we have drilling machine such as Direct Rotary Rig, Direct Rotary, Down the Hole Hammer, Electric drilling machine and large high pressure air compressor that able to drill every well size and depth. Moreover able to drill in sediment and rock layer.


Groundwater resource is worth should conserve develop


  • Training Geologist who got license from the Department of Groundwater Resources.
  • Experience in groundwater

Drilling Team

  • Training driller staff who got license from Department of Groundwater Resources.
  • We are experience and technical expertise in hard rock area that are difficult to find water

Working Device

  • Drilling Machine
  • Drilling Bit
  • Air Compressor
  • Craftsman Tool
  • Pipe