Groundwater investigation for any project that require groundwater usage using resistivity survey by expert and experience team


      Survey mineral water and hot spring resource to use in Industrial Factory and Mineral Water and Hot Spring’s Factory, Hotel, Resort, Spa as well as tourist attraction to add value.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

    Our services are groundwater resources investigation, drilling exploration, soil and rock sample collection and water quantity sampling well construction. In addition we service groundwater and subsurface water analyzation in term of quantity, quality, flow direction and contamination for compose EIA report.

*Big project that require groundwater usage should study groundwater occurrence and groundwater storage to manage their groundwater for sufficient and sustainability used.

Groundwater Exploration

1. Groundwater investigation with Electric resistivity meter.

      We have groundwater expert, geologist and more experience investigation teams. Investigating groundwater and hot spring resources with electric resistivity meter which detect an electric resistivity character of soil layers, rock layers and groundwater layer (aquifer). We can accurately invest groundwater and hot spring that discharge in gravel, sand and rock fragments. Moreover we can invest groundwater layer deep more than 300 meters.

2. Groundwater investigation with Electric logger.

      We use electric log invest groundwater layer that detect from upper to lower of groundwater well. This method provide a groundwater layers level beneath the ground, water quality (fresh, brackish or salt water) then process the data for correctly groundwater well design which suitable for groundwater layer character and well using.


We Know Groundwater


  • Training Geologist who got license from the Department of Groundwater Resources.
  • Experience in groundwater

Investigation Team

  • Resistivity Meter
  • Exploring deeper to 300 meters
  • Investigation and interpretation

Working Device

  • Geologic Hammer
  • Resistivity Meter
  • Map, Compass, GPS