 According to Government policy to support industry, agriculture, tourism and many developing project that have to use more groundwater. For many years a water user employ a water driller who doesn’t have a correctly drilling and well develop knowledge. A false construction damaged groundwater layer. The entrepreneur was affected due to cost of production is increased and economic systems are damaged. This problem effect to every region, every province such as.

  • Salt water intrusion to project area.
  • Dirty water, contaminate water, rusty water.
  • A lot of solid dissolve in water (soil and sand)
  • Water have more hardness.
  • Water dry, not enough to use.
  • Pump and well break down, do not bury the break down well.
  • Water treatment and well maintenance cost is very expensive
  • Water supply cost is very expensive.

 We have groundwater develop expert, geologist, drilling team and maintenance team who can deal with groundwater problem.


Wise groundwater development for sustainable national groundwater resource



  • Over 30 years of groundwater experience


  • Training Geologist who got license from the Department of Groundwater Resources.
  • Experience in groundwater

Investigation Team

  • Resistivity Meter
  • Exploring deeper to 300 meters
  • Investigation and interpretation

Drilling Team

  • Training driller staff who got license from Department of Groundwater Resources.
  • We are experience and technical expertise in hard rock area that are difficult to find water

Maintenance Team

  • We are experience and expertise in the maintenance of groundwater wells, submersible pump, pumping test and safety training.

Working Device

  • Geologic Hammer
  • Drilling Machine
  • Air Compressor
  • Resistivity Meter
  • Drilling Bit
  • Craftsman Tool
  • Map, Compass, GPS
  • Pipe
  • Pump