Proper maintenance service are required for long term use of water well and water well pumps.


Wells might be problem after using for many years that cause by sand accumulated at bottom of well, rusty steel and casing was clogged. These cause decease water flow rate. To fix this problem should develop the well every year.


Wells might be problem after using for many years that cause by rusty steel accumulated in pump, pipe or bush. A propeller was corroded effect to decrease flow rate should take the propeller off and clean up every year.

Benefit of well development and water well pump checking

Water well

  1. After well development , water well is clean and increase water flow.
  2. Regular and continuous checking can help extend water well life span up to 50 years which is why it worth investing.

Well pump

  1. Increase its efficiency and flow rate
  2. Energy saving
  3. Increase the pump life span which is worth investing.

We have groundwater well maintenance expert and skillful maintenance staff. Our services are check and maintenance groundwater well and pump. Service all around country.

Maintenance Team

  • We are experience and expertise in the maintenance of groundwater wells, submersible pump, pumping test and safety training.

Working Device

  • Air Compressor
  • Craftsman Tool
  • Pump